Les Horizons Perdus

pour mezzo-soprane et quatuor à cordes

Musique et poèmes de Baudime Jam  (SACEM)


"Baudime Jam is wonderfully in touch with the melancholy ecstasy of Poulenc. Add to this an infusion of Duparc here and a dusting of Chausson there. The long lines seethe with concentration and passion. At 33 minutes this is an epic work. It demands all of your attention and is very satisfying. The dreamy waywardness of «Sous la lune argentée» is memorably eerie. «La ronce des regrets» shows determination and rough spirit at first yet then relaxes into the woodland wandering of the previous song. Violin tendrils that reach out imploringly and seductively from the last song «À la fontaine des amants». Over all hangs a nostalgic and poignant melancholy that would have delighted Bernard Herrmann. Jam has created and sustained a world of hooded eyes and muted passion - the surreal dreams of Warlock's Curlew and Schoenberg's Pierrot Lunaire."

Rob Barnett
MusicWeb International

2. « Le Verger mystérieux »
4 min. 53

Hermine Huguenel

Quatuor Prima Vista

CD : Opus Millésime

GCK 20091

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